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[fancy_header type=”3″]FRIENDLY WRITING[/fancy_header]

[toggle title=”Giant Legacy Site Rewrite” open=”0″]I performed a content audit of a legacy power company website (seriously it was like this thing was from the early 2000s). The site needed an overhaul and part of that was me authoring a “friendly writing” guide to teach the company’s writers to update the copy to be friendlier (both to readers and to SEO).

Here is a sample of the “Findings” document as well, if you’re nosy.


[toggle title=”RedRoverHQ” open=”0″]The client for this example used RedRoverHQ’s social networking software for universities and corporations to connect and teach its 50,000 worldwide employees. They needed someone to rewrite their “academic” content to sound friendlier. Here are two samples of what I did:

  • Corporate Email introducing the “University”
    The email that corporate had first written was long and looked like a wall of text to me. Since this was the first “meeting” the company’s employees were going to have with the “University” concept, I thought it was important that the language be friendly and inviting, and the letter should make them curious to learn more.


[fancy_header type=”3″]GEEK WRITING[/fancy_header]

I have over fifteen years experience as a technical writer/editor/tech pubs manager in the software industry (at companies using the Agile methodology), authoring and editing task-based user guides, reference manuals, training guides, “how-to” shortcut sheets.

[toggle title=”Software User Guide Samples” open=”0″] The following are a few of the user guides I wrote from scratch for Java-based website monitoring software.


[toggle title=”Data Sheets” open=”0″] Datasheet for hardware products (wrote and did the graphic design for these).


[fancy_header type=”3″]Content Strategy[/fancy_header]

Samples (matrices and other documents of interest only to Content Strategists) available upon request.

[fancy_header type=”3″]SEO/Social Media Articles[/fancy_header]While many live-bloggers simply write stream of consciousness (resulting in clipped, context-less phrases), I write my coverage as articles, including my own knowledge, perspective and industry context where helpful. My articles were regularly noted in search marketing blogs, and were given “best of the web” mentions on SEO community blogs.

[one_half][toggle title=”AIMCLEAR Search Engine Strategies Conference Coverage” open=”0″]These articles were written for AIMCLEAR, a Minnesota SEO firm during the great SEO/Social Media explosions of 2008 and 2009. The info in some articles is obviously dated (i.e. early iPhone apps), but surprisingly some of it still holds up rather well.


[one_half_last][toggle title=”Other SEO Articles” open=”0″]

Note: not responsible for bad formatting on these articles! 🙂


[fancy_header type=”3″]BLOGGY WRITING[/fancy_header]

[toggle title=”Travel Blog Articles” open=”0″]

I wrote some fun articles for a travel blog. It looks like since then the company killed the blog portion of their site, but I found the links on the wayback machine (warning formatting may be funky).

Wine and Hiking, the Perfect Pairing of Virtue and Vice

Japanese Customs, Quirks & Other Fascinating Oddities

International Body Language & Manners: The Sequel

The “Slow” Travel Movement: Pretend To Be A Local

International Body Language, Gestures & Manners: Don’t Be “That Guy!”

Why Hotels Hate Priceline Guests & Other Dirty Little Secrets

The Secret To Getting Best Travel Prices on Priceline & Hotwire: Part One

Tipping & Gratuity Guidelines For International Travel

Tripit! Master Your Itinerary with Emerging Social Travel Tools

Italian Blog Scene: Rubber Slippers & Bleeding Espresso

Discount Travel Means Hitchhiking for Hi-tech Hippies

Chocolate Travel Tours Offer Sweet Adventure

Catch the Couchsurfing Wave For Budget Travel

Extreme Golf Courses: Living the Wild Links Life


[fancy_header type=”3″]PERSONAL WRITING[/fancy_header]

Warning: there might be a few swears.

[toggle title=”Sugarpusher Sweets (my sweets review blog)” open=”0″]

Read my sweets reviews!


[toggle title=”Yelp Reviews” open=”0″]

Read my sometimes snarky but always useful YELP restaurant and service reviews.


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Read mein tweets


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