Everyone’s business is supported by technology, from website hosting to communication to accepting payments. You might be working with inefficient systems (or no systems at all!) or paying for more than you actually need.

I’ll review your current tech stack (and operations processes) and see if they are the right systems for your business, and I’ll also see if you’re getting the best deal (you might be paying for more than you actually need). If I need to call in another expert, I’ll be your technology point person.

  • Web hosting
  • Website themes and plugins
  • Website security
  • Payment services
  • Invoicing and contracts
  • Communication
  • HR services

Why I love doing this:

I’ve been a geek all my life and have always been the early adopter of any technology. I’ve done tech support professionally and I’ve written software documentation for a chunk of my career, which means I will be happy to explain to you, in layman’s terms, what you need and why.