NOTE: If you’re evaluating me for an editor position, you’ll find my content is well-written and edited, but may not adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style, due to client house style differences (and personally, I prefer to use CMOS for everything except numbers). I’m happy to send you manuscripts that I edited for publishers that do use CMOS.

Content Strategy | Style & Branding Guides

Content Strategy | Audit Findings

Writing: Policies | Onboarding | Operations | Process

Writing: Technical Writing

Writing: Content Writing

Editing: Books

I offer editorial services for nonfiction books including developmental, line, and copy editing. Samples of manuscripts with edits and inline comments available upon request so you can see my thinking.

Copy Editing for Chronicle Books

I edit books in the “Pop Culture” category for Chronicle Books.

Copy Editing for Scribe Media

Scribe Media would assign me business and technical books to edit as that was my background.

Writing: Personal Writing

Website Design and Production

Ah, another life this was. I was building websites way back when they were just HTML.

Since I was building websites in the early 2000s, most of the sites I’ve built are long gone, but I have one legacy client I’m still supporting, and his sites are my favorites.