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Published On: July 26, 20221 min readCategories: 5 minute fix, UX-usability

The clothing today is just fugly, and doesn’t look good on anyone. (Did Target really bring back the prairie dresses people wore in the 80s?)

So I spend a lot of time on second-hand clothing sites like Poshmark, Ebay, and Mercari, finding cute clothes from ages past.
So here’s my beef: if you come to a site, you’re looking for clothing/items to buy, right? So why does Mercari show items that are already sold in the search results? Then I have to go under STATUS and change the option to FOR SALE.

Don’t get me wrong: I like having the option to see sold items. It’s helpful if I’m researching whether an item ever came in [that color] or [that fabric]. But viewing sold items for research (or whatever) is a secondary use case. By default,┬áI only want to see items that are FOR SALE. Poshmark and Ebay do that for me by default.

I should have to take an extra step to turn on “show Any items,” or “show sold items,” ┬áinstead of having to take an extra step to turn that option OFF.