Quick Fix UI: Rite Aid Prescription Inserts

When you pick up medications at the pharmacy, wouldn't it be nice if you could choose how often to receive those papers that come with them? Here's my quick UI fix to a Rite Aid screen.

When you pick up a prescription, you usually get some papers containing information about the prescription. While this is helpful the first time you get a medication, they’re really not needed for future refills. I just tell the person filling my prescription to throw them out. However, when I picked up my prescriptions the other day, I was presented with the following question on the terminal.

While this is great, in my opinion it’s missing an option.

Here’s My Fix

The option it’s missing is: I still would like to get written information for NEW prescriptions. So here’s a mock-up of what that would look like.

I’ve also improved the language for the options. I’ve changed the options to YES/YES/NO, so users can better read the options at a glance.

You could even go a little shorter (my preference).