Before and After: Making an Alumni Page More Useful

I recently did an audit, reorganization and rewriting of the content for one of the colleges of a major university. One of the programs had a “where are our alumni” page, and it was just a list of accordions by graduation year, with people listed therein.

But I thought, the title of this page is WHERE are the alumni, not WHEN. So wouldn’t it make sense to sort the information by what sphere the person ended up in? So I read each person’s self-reported information and came up with the following categories:

  • Corporate
  • Research
  • Faculty
  • Student
  • Private Practice
  • Unknown

I then plugged those into a pie chart and came up with this.

The pie chart is shown first, with category sections below that include each person in that category (descending by year). Ideally you could click on the pie slice and it will go to that section.

The information on this page is now more usable:

  • You can now see at a glance where graduates of this program end up and how the categories compare to each other (I was surprised how many alumni went into the corporate sector!)
  • Instead of having to slog through each year section, then reading each piece of information, trying to find which alumni are in research, you can quickly jump to just the research section, and then decide who you’re going to contact to see if they’re looking for research assistants. It’s all who you know! 🙂

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