A Career Book in Manga Form? Yep, Daniel Pink Wrote One

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Daniel Pink (author of a Whole New Mind and others) has written a beautifully simple manga tale telling of six rules of work. I encourage you to read it yourself, but in case you’re lazy or pressed for time the rules are:

  • There is no plan (as in, it’s futile to make one for your life, as you never know what’s going to happen)
  • Think strengths, not weaknesses (for more on this, see books by Marcus Cunningham – western culture encourages us to fix our weaknesses, instead of amplifying our strengths)
  • It’s not about you (people at work want to look good, make life easy for the customer, solve problems, your work isn’t necessarily a place for your narcissistic self-actualization)
  • Persistence trumps talent (self-explanatory)
  • Make excellent mistakes (a.k.a. fail BIG)
  • Leave an imprint (do something you care about that will stick around after you’re gone)

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