Band Owl Project

Band Owl was a service that answers the question, “What’s going on tonight?” Well, more specifically, “What bands are playing in my area tonight?” Even more specifically, “which INDIE (i.e. not well known) bands are playing near me?”

The Band Owl service was going to scrape data from MySpace and port it to a Band Owl database, which would serve up the data on both a website, and a mobile interface. Though MySpace has fallen out of favor as a social network, it’s still very popular for promotion of bands and comedians.

I advised the programmers on design/interaction of the website and drafted smartphone mockups based on user tasks.

Now, in any project I work on, I try to play devil’s advocate early on, so to head off any potential problems down the line. The first thing I thought when I heard about this project was “I don’t think we’re going to be able to legally scrape MySpace data.” And it turns out, we couldn’t. But it was a nice little experience for me!

Project Deliverables:


iPhone mockups (super rough)”>×150.png”×150.jpg

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