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Zappos UX Fix:Grouping Items Improves Usability

One makeover technique to improve usability is grouping like items. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how often like items are scattered around a site page. I found this happening on the Zappos item detail page. I thought the page could be made friendlier with some item grouping, and a little relabeling.

I’m Geek Of The Week on Geek Girl’s Guide Podcast

The awesome gals at Geek Girls Guide elected me “Geek of the Week” and had me on their podcast this week! Geek Girl’s Guide is a fabulous website/podcast series in exploring how technology can be fun and productive, geared to real-life people who may not have their heads in the pixels all the time like…

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Band Owl Project

Band Owl was an idea that came from a need to know, “what’s going on tonight?” Specifically, “What bands are playing in my area tonight?” Although in some towns there is a curated band listing, many times this only includes big name bands, not up and coming artists. The Band Owl concept was to scrape…

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