• I believe in friendly and focused communication

  • I believe in UX that doesn’t make you think

  • I believe in Copy that answers questions before they’re asked

  • I believe in the motivational power of baked goods

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Charlene Jaszewski is an editor, author enabler, creative producer, UX editor, content strategist and friendly writing evangelist. And maker of delicious marshmallows.

Whenever I was told, ‘Just write around it in documentation’ i had a chat with the UX person and got the underlying problem fixed instead.

— me —


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  • I can’t believe how fast you’re picking this up!

    — Every Client —
  • I hired Charlene to do developmental editing on my novel. Charlene addressed the material in a decisive and organized way. I found her extraordinary in helping me correct plot points and tightening up my story. And she did all of it in a constructive and positive way.

    — Lisa Shorts | Fiction Author —
  • I hired Charlene to write the training documentation for various Drupal sites we developed for clients. Her manuals are concise and easy to follow, and she always strives to understand the associated business rules to give context to the instructions. Another plus she brings us is that in the course of writing the manuals, she comes up with suggestions to improve the site’s usability.

    — Ivan Stegic | President, TEN7 Interactive —
  • I thought I was hiring Charlene to ‘redo our website’ but what she astutely realized after a brief conversation is that I needed a content strategist/designer. She took a messy pile of content and boiled in down into a glimmering success. In 1 week 6 people signed up for our trips…. that used to take 3 months.

    — Amanda Koster | CEO, Salaam Garage —
  • Charlene is a great tech writer. Her clear communication and organization is impressive. She was always very proactive and never hesitated to go the extra mile to do a better job. Charlene is one of those colleagues who are simply a pleasure to work with.

    — JuKay Kwek | Product Manager, Google (formerly CA) —
  • Charlene and I worked together on a massive content audit of a client’s site. She is professional, very creative, and brought an amazing energy to the group. Really enjoyed working with her, and hope to do so again in the future.

    — Kyle Hudson | Sprinklr (formerly Team Lead, Sapient Nitro) —
  • I’m a chef, movie set caterer and soon to be book author and (hopefully) TV show host. I needed to build a media identity and Charlene has helped me shape and focus my brand/product ideas. She designed my website, helped me plan weekly content, and acted as my producer for videos and interviews. Charlene has what it takes to help a creative business person bring ideas into reality.

    — Jonathan Forgash | Owner, Starstruck Catering —
  • Charlene helped me with marketing materials for my business and I was extremely happy with everything. She is wildly creative and fun. She’s also reliable, and she knows technically the best most affordable ways to do just about everything to do with internet savvy.

    — Nicole Adriana Stone | Intrinsic Coach —


Part journalist, part geek. All redhead.


Giant Legacy Site Rewrite

I performed a content audit of a legacy power company website (seriously it was like this thing was from the early 2000s). The site needed an overhaul and part of that was me authoring a “friendly writing” guide to teach the company’s writers to update the copy to be friendlier (both to readers and to SEO).

Here is a sample of the “Findings” document as well, if you’re nosy.


The client for this example used RedRoverHQ’s social networking software for universities and corporations to connect and teach its 50,000 worldwide employees. They needed someone to rewrite their “academic” content to sound friendlier. Here are two samples of what I did:

  • Corporate Email introducing the “University”
    The email that corporate had first written was long and looked like a wall of text to me. Since this was the first “meeting” the company’s employees were going to have with the “University” concept, I thought it was important that the language be friendly and inviting, and the letter should make them curious to learn more.


I have over fifteen years experience as a technical writer/editor/tech pubs manager in the software industry (at companies using the Agile methodology), authoring and editing task-based user guides, reference manuals, training guides, “how-to” shortcut sheets.

Software User Guide Samples

The following are a few of the user guides I wrote from scratch for Java-based website monitoring software.

Data Sheets

Datasheet for hardware products (wrote and did the graphic design for these).

Content Strategy

Samples (matrices and other documents of interest only to Content Strategists) available upon request.

SEO/Social Media Articles

While many live-bloggers simply write stream of consciousness (resulting in clipped, context-less phrases), I write my coverage as articles, including my own knowledge, perspective and industry context where helpful. My articles were regularly noted in search marketing blogs, and were given “best of the web” mentions on SEO community blogs.

Other SEO Articles

Note: not responsible for bad formatting on these articles! 🙂



Warning: there might be a few swears.

Sugarpusher Sweets (my sweets review blog)

Read my sweets reviews!

Yelp Reviews

Read my sometimes snarky but always useful YELP restaurant and service reviews.

Twitter (if you call tweets *writing*)

The Redhead Said

A poor sad blog that probably hasn’t been updated in ages but still contains a few interesting reads.


Here you go: Cjaszewski-resume


People always want their things to ‘go viral’ even if they are mundane. Sorry but the things that people will make viral are either 1) fascinating, 2) funny or 3) things that stir up trouble.

— me —

Non-wordy Stuff


When I was a kid I was the first person in my hick town to have a Commodore 64, Atari or Walkman (and now you know how old I am).

I’m the first person on your block with the latest gadget or application. I’m also the person who can explain these gadgets and concepts to you simply.

  • Got into software after college (journalism major!)
  • Worked my way from tech support to writing and editing technical documentation and technical training to content strategy.
  • Did some PR/Corporate Communications in Phoenix and developed one of the first company intranets way back in the 90s.
  • Toiled in the fields of San Francisco software startups (survived the San Francisco boom and bust), and was a one-woman technical publications department in a startup that survived. 
  • I was one of the few people blogging into the void in 1999.
  • Developed a love for usability (was credited in one of the earliest website critique books – Web Pages That Suck by Vincent Flanders).
  • Taught myself HTML and web design on the side for fun in the early 1990s. Happily CMS clients came along making things much easier (taught myself WordPress). 
  • Learned about SEO and SEM. Decided I wasn’t black hat or statistical enough to really love SEO the way it wanted to be loved. But I loved the “landing page” side of things that appreciated the value of content and usability.
  • Moved to New York City, got myself into the New York tech scene, and discovered Content Strategy. Did Content Strategy for a few years, but realized I missed the interaction and stimulation of training people (and writing materials for them!)
  • Started working with Drupal companies. And here we are!

  • Want to know more?

    Contact me at thecontentfix@gmail.com

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